The Massacre at The Cove

from by Vicki Kiely

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The Massacre at The Cove

We were weary from the long hard swim, but found a school of size,
With teamwork and excitement ,we surrounded the terrified prize,
Our sonar working perfectly, our bellies soon be full,
We heard a dreadful banging sound, that made my senses dull

My eyes they shook inside my head, I heard my mother cry
Our pod was scattered everywhere searching a way by
To run from this horrendous bang, this ringing in our ears
The sound it grew in length and depth, and with it carried fear

The commotion and the cries from all, I never will forget,
Of course we swam far fast and away, but the banging would not let
It would not let us pass that way, so the other way we went
Little did I know that soon, many lives of ours would be spent

I swam close to my pod, every now and then I dove down deep
In a panic to find some way out, from the wall of sound and beat
Alas this sound it went down too far, and sure I was out of breath
I couldn't stay down very long, and that banging made me deaf

Right back up to the surface where the pod in disarray,
Were jumping, running for their lives, all splashes cries and fray
I swam fast to the very front, I saw my mother leading
A inkling at the back of my mind, that a trap was where we were heading

But swim I did, and run and dive, and search and try to escape
Yet the sound of engines roaring, and the banging made me shake
I notice rocks ahead of us, some nets, and close to shore
If we did not get back to sea, I feared the worst and more

The sound it was beyond us still, and only land ahead
The banging closed around us, and I heard the cries of the dead
Oh now this was an eerie place, blood spilled of many lives
I felt their energy and souls, I heard their petrified last cries

I swam next to my mother, as they behind us dropped a net
We frantically pushed against it, but the net it wouldn't let,
It wouldn't let us out, and my mother was now caught
An engine roared right o’er our heads, my mother was distraught

I tried to help her free herself, but tangled bound was she
They came and shouted, hit her hard, bound her fluke so brutally
Her face I saw as she was dragged, away and by her tail
Gasping coughing drowning now, I watched her attempt to inhale

I poked my head above the surface, to see what they were trying
And in the shallow waters, she was convulsing, bleeding, dying
I desperately swam fast around, calling others from the pod,
But all I saw was blood and pain, and all I loved seemed lost

Then hands were all upon me, and I was forced into a sling
Thrown roughly by the side, and no one heard me screaming
Water it was flung at me, the engine in my ears
I knew right then that this was it, the start of miserable years

And now I float in a grimy tank, a whistle rules my fate
I eat whats given, do my tricks, and drive myself insane
I remember that day like yesterday, the memory etched in stone
This my friends is captivity, a death sentence, a life alone


from MERCY, released December 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Vicki Kiely Hong Kong

Vicki comes from a musical family, where singing and playing instruments was very much a part of her upbringing. From an Irish family; but born and raised in Canada; her culture was nurtured in her by her fathers love of singing and playing guitar to her from birth. Rebel songs to Rolling Stones to The Beatles were all on the usual set list. ... more

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